【Official】Fujisan Ryokan Bettei Jusangatsu

All the rooms with source with a sinking out Room with open-air bath

All 14 rooms full of individuality with different designs, 100% source of famous hot spring "Namari Onsen" Room with fresh outdoor bath.
Facing the clear stream "Toyosawa River river", you can see the sound of babbling and the scenery of the other side of the cliff, and you can enjoy birds singing again.
In a spacious private space, you can have a good time to your heart's content.

Accommodation Features

  • Lounge LOUNGE

    It is a relaxing space during your stay.
    You can also enjoy bar items with live piano performances by staff.
  • Foot bath

    It is a 100% fresh footbath with a source attached to the lounge.While watching the sky full of stars, it gets warmed up slowly.
  • front desk

    We welcome you with a hearty service and smile.
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Google Map

Hotel Name



75-1 Nakadaira, Namari, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

Telephone number



40 minutes from Shin-Hanamaki Station 30 minutes from Hanamaki Station. (Free shuttle·Free individual transfer) 20 minutes by car from Hanamaki-minami IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
★Individual Free Pickup Two pairs a day(Reservation required)
★Hanamaki Minami Onsen Gorge free shuttle
Shin-Hanamaki Station(Bus Rotary 2)/15: 10 · 16: 10 · 17: 10, Hanamaki Station(Station front "Hanamaki South Onsen Town Bus Pick-up")/15: 25 · 16: 25 · 17: 25
Bus stop in front of the hotel / 9: 47·Arrival at Hanamaki Station 10:30·Arrival at Shin-Hanamaki Station 10:45
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