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All 14 rooms with different concepts, all luxury suites

  • Namari Onsen, ticking out for ancient times.The tradition of 600 years of history, the famous hot spring source for the spring of the spring of Hanamaki, the spring of the Shirozaru-no-yu legend, the time of relaxation, the heart of the hospitality that has been spun from the open cooking of the heart The curtain of a new story opens.

  • Room with open-air bath with 100% source flow, NEO RYOKAN is a new form that combines Western, high-quality and refined Japanese- NEO RYOKAN.
    Variety of nature and scent of forest from each deck terrace, fragrance of forest, chirping of wild birds, babbling of Toyosawa River will heal the body and mind.
    A new paradigm beyond the time and space of irreplaceable people and everyday is born here in the deep forest and birthplace of lead.

Gastronomy and hospitality hospitality

  • For meals, "Japanese cuisine" "Sanriku" in the world's three biggest fishing grounds, we purchase freshly harvested seafood every day.
    Please enjoy local cuisine, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other cuisine using seasonal ingredients of Yamanoyuki rich Hanamaki.
    We will offer.
  • Fusion of services that emphasize warm service and privacy in Japanese inns.
    For each customer, the service staff in charge will do fine-grained hospitality.

Namari Onsen, Kokoronotoki, JUSANGATSU

  • Hanamaki's Yamaguchi, the spirit of hot water and hospitality, now calls for a new season.It is a coined word incorporating the meaning that it is not until now that we meet for the first time in JUSANGATSU.